Pro-environment doesn’t mean being anti-development.

Our environment and the quality of life for all the people need to be considered first.

The American Planning Association has stated that clear-cutting for development is both “economically imprudent and environmentally unsound”, but it is how we continue to develop land.

When we continue to battle Florida’s fragile but challenging environment, whether in our own yards or on large scale development projects, we are ensuring unsustainable development.

We must insist on measures that will reduce the man-made nutrients that are exacerbating the occurrences of red tide and toxic algae blooms.

The landscape requirements for homesites and housing developments should include the basic principles of having a Florida-friendly yard by reducing grass areas and/or installing a drought-tolerant grass that does NOT require irrigation and fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides.

A larger percentage of preserved green spaces need to be set aside in development projects and not allowed to be compromised.

Growth needs to be financially and environmentally sustainable.

The infrastructure needed for new development should be in place first and paid for by the ones proposing the new development; we can no longer be “putting out fires” when it comes to handling wastewater treatment (i.e. the need for Advanced Water Treatment, AWT Standards), stormwater runoff, sewage, and the improvement of and/or creating new roads to handle the increased traffic needs.

  • Impact fees need to be set at 100% of the recommended amounts as determined by the experts we hire to do these impact fee studies.
  • New development should not be permitted to diminish the quality of life to existing neighborhoods, which will cause their property values to suffer and ultimately produce less tax revenue. Buffers and setbacks to those neighborhoods must be respected and put in place. Traffic “cut-throughs” through those neighborhoods need to be anticipated and not allowed to occur.

Elected officials need to serve ALL THE PEOPLE.

Sarasota County has the best that Florida has to offer; beaches, the pristine Gulf waters, rivers,  the diverse, unique environment and the wildlife it supports.  It’s why we chose to live here.

  •  Let’s work together to keep it that way for many future generations to come!

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