Alice White for Sarasota County Commissioner District 5

Protect Our Environment

Preserve Our Quality of Life

Plan for Our Future Together

What is past is prologue.

We must appreciate our history and learn from the past so we can plan accordingly for the future.

The pristine, natural environment of Sarasota County is our history and it is what has brought people here for over 100 years.

But overdevelopment, land-use changes, sewage spills, traffic and mobility issues, beach closings, red tide, the routine clear-cutting of all trees and vegetation for development has led to the degradation of the Gulf Waters and has adversely affected our environment.

Our quality of life here in North Port, Englewood, and all of Sarasota county has been severely compromised.

I will be the voice that speaks for the environment, one who puts people before profits, and values our quality of life.

Being pro-environment does not mean being anti-development; development must be both economically and environmentally sustainable.

I will be the voice that speaks for environmental stewardship, the voice that has been missing from the County Commissioners’ dais for a long

I intend on bringing it back.

– Alice White

Why Alice?

After leaving the concrete jungles of New Jersey where I was born and raised I “discovered” North Port in the summer of 1990 while working for Sarasota County Mosquito Control and was immediately drawn to what I saw; the untamed, real Florida in all of its unbridled glory.  I had found my paradise.

I built a home in North Port. I was insistent that the pine and oak trees, palmettos and Sabal palms that surrounded the house be left in place, as did others who built their homes around me.

But soon volume home-building descended upon the area and lots began to be routinely clear-cut, removing everything that created the beautiful diversity of Florida’s flora and fauna.

This trend continued into all parts of Sarasota County, with large-scale developments totally stripping the land of all trees and vegetation, destroying the delicate balances of the very ecosystems that made Sarasota County such a special place to live.

Ecological destruction in Florida is nothing less than economic suicide.

Governor Reubin Askew

Let’s work together, toward something better!

Protect Our Environment

First and foremost, our environment needs to be protected, from our uplands that are vital to providing for our diverse wildlife and plant ecosystems to our Gulf waters.

There needs to be at least one voice on the dais who will advocate and speak out for our environment. Our quality of life and the reasons why we chose to live here needs to be protected.

Our elected officials need to serve the people, ALL the people.  This can only begin to happen if our representative base, the Board of Sarasota County Commissioners, becomes more diversified. I will be the voice of environmental stewardship in all discussions that take place on the dais.

Spend Tax Dollars Wisely

Tax dollars need to be conserved and used to provide the maximum benefits for ALL the people, but especially to provide for the quality of life that is afforded us by living in Sarasota County.

Sustainable Growth

Growth needs to be both environmentally and financially sustainable.

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